Rasa NLU as a Service

Rasa NLU is the Natural Language Understanding tool of choice for conversational application developers who require a machine learning based solution that can deliver the highest level of performance without having to share precious data and insights to Facebook or Google or having to pay for every call you make to Microsoft LUIS or IBM Watson.

Rasa NLU provides a rock solid foundation for any domain specific conversational application. Companies all over the world rely on it to build their services and unique applications.

Our customers use our service because they:

  • Want to focus development resources and efforts on their app and core business not installation, configuration and maintenance.
  • Want to build a conversational service but not send their data to Facebook, Microsoft or Google.
  • Have an existing conversational application that has outgrown its existing natural language environment.
  • Want to easily port their existing model to myNLU and take advantage of its instant availability in the cloud.
  • Want to tune their model to work with their domain specific use case.
  • Tired of dealing with unexplained model drift often seen from other natural language services.
  • Want a clear understanding of the development roadmap.
  • Are looking to adopt Rasa NLU and want to get going in minutes.