Rasa NLU as a Service

Seasoned Consultants and Developers with hands on experience building intelligent applications

In our role, we recognize the benefits of taking a methodical approach to conversational application development. We’re ready to assist you at each stage of development that your conversational application will pass through.

  • Evaluate: We can help you evaluate myNLU's capabilities versus other proprietary solutions like LUIS, wit.ai, API.ai, and Watson. If you want you can even try myNLU for free and compare results.
  • Design: Once you have selected your preferred technology, we can help you design an efficient and effective domain specific language model that will not drift over time.
  • Deploy: You can deploy your work through our restful API so your service is up and available at any time. You can also use myNLU to collaborate on your language model with anyone around the world.
  • Operate: We provide around the clock support to ensure your service is available.